Kaffyad (TM) Level 5 Cut Resistant Kitchen and Work Safety Gloves. Protection from Knives, Mandolines and Graters. EN388 Certified! Great for cutting meat, filleting fish or shucking oysters. Lightweight, Flexible and Food Safe. (Medium, Grey pair)

  • Kaffyad-TM-Level-5-Cut-Resistant-Kitchen-and-Work-Safety-Gloves-Protection-from-Knives-Mandolines-and-Graters-EN388-Certified-Great-for-cutting-meat-filleting-fish-or-shucking-oysters-Lightweight-Flex-0
  • Kaffyad-TM-Level-5-Cut-Resistant-Kitchen-and-Work-Safety-Gloves-Protection-from-Knives-Mandolines-and-Graters-EN388-Certified-Great-for-cutting-meat-filleting-fish-or-shucking-oysters-Lightweight-Flex-0-0
  • Kaffyad-TM-Level-5-Cut-Resistant-Kitchen-and-Work-Safety-Gloves-Protection-from-Knives-Mandolines-and-Graters-EN388-Certified-Great-for-cutting-meat-filleting-fish-or-shucking-oysters-Lightweight-Flex-0-1
  • Kaffyad-TM-Level-5-Cut-Resistant-Kitchen-and-Work-Safety-Gloves-Protection-from-Knives-Mandolines-and-Graters-EN388-Certified-Great-for-cutting-meat-filleting-fish-or-shucking-oysters-Lightweight-Flex-0-2
  • Kaffyad-TM-Level-5-Cut-Resistant-Kitchen-and-Work-Safety-Gloves-Protection-from-Knives-Mandolines-and-Graters-EN388-Certified-Great-for-cutting-meat-filleting-fish-or-shucking-oysters-Lightweight-Flex-0-3

$29.99 $12.99 (as of November 3, 2014, 3:37 pm)

Excellent for Food preparation such as cutting vegetables, meat, fish, oysters.
Also used in a variety of trades – HVAC, sheet metal, glass, automotive, framing, gardening.
Machine washable, drip dry.


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Product Description

Announcing the Kaffyad (TM) Cut Resistant Kitchen Safety Gloves

Tired of slicing your thumb on your mandoline? Scared of grating your knuckles into your salad? Always running for a band-aid every time you work with sharp knives? Statistics show that hand injuries make up 30% of all emergency room visits.
With our comfortable, hi-tech protective gloves you will no longer worry about accidental boo-boos!

New Technology. Strong, yet Flexible.

Dexterity and flexibility are so important when working with sharp tools but stiff leather or mesh stainless steel gloves can seriously hamper performance. The innovative cut resistant fibers that comprise Kaffyad gloves are much lighter yet many more times stronger than leather. These unique ergonomically engineered gloves protect your hands from cuts without compromising precision, dexterity or comfort.

EN388 Approved CE Level 5 Cut Resistance

The Kaffyad Cut Resistant Gloves have 13G PE/glass fiber cores and meet the highest EN388/CE standard for level 5 cut resistance. They also meet the highest rating for tear and abrasion resistance. They are 50% more puncture resistant than other leading brands.

Use It Everywhere

Use in the kitchen, workshop or outdoors. These gloves are great for mandolines or cleaning sharp equipment. And when the gloves get soiled simply throw them in the washing machine and drip dry!

Buy as a single glove or as a pair. Size M or L.

Order your Kaffyad Gloves now by clicking “Add to Cart” and enjoy peace-of-mind today.
Excellent for Food preparation such as cutting vegetables, meat, fish, oysters.
Also used in a variety of trades – HVAC, sheet metal, glass, automotive, framing, gardening.
Machine washable, drip dry.
Lightweight, stretchable & breathable. Feels like a regular knit glove. Fits either hand.
Cut protection ANSI Level 5 approved by EN388. Highest Rating in cut, abrasion and tear resistance.

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