Alzheimer’s 911: Help, Hope, and Healing for the Caregivers

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Product Description

With humor, sensitivity and clarity, Frena draws on her over 20 years as a hands-on caregiver taking the approach to look at the inner world of people with Alzheimer’s (or any kind of dementia) similar to when she was a foreign correspondent in Asia and India- looking with fresh and curious eyes to understand the people from their perspective, without judgments.She shares secrets of successful dementia care giving and reveals the deep spiritual and emotion growth possible in dementia. Even within the losses of Alzheimer’s, insightful caregivers can discover their possible radiance and humor. This journey of continuing inner growth can renew the purpose and courage of the caregiver, while bringing peace and resolution to the elder.Most importantly, Frena shows how the care giving journey can bestow a whole new set of wonderful life skills on the caregiver. She demonstrates that there is nothing in meditation, prayer and spiritual practice that you can’t learn as a dementia caregiver. In addition, you can have a whole lot of fun.